War and the transformation of British society, c.1903-28.


1. Liberals, votes for women and social reform 3. The home front in WW1
2. Britain and the Western Front 4. Economic and social change, 1918-28


Topic 1: The Liberals, votes for women and social reform

The Liberal reforms:

BBC bitesize

Revision page on the Liberal Reforms from the BBC.


Why did the Liberals introduce their reforms?

Interactive diagram from schoolhistory.co.uk. Useful revision diagram.


The Liberal Reforms

Detailed pdf which looks at the reforms in detail.


The Liberal Reforms

Nice summary of the reforms from the GCSE revision site.


Achievements of the Liberal Reforms

Information and pictures from the National Archives.


You tube videos.

Click here and here for two different videos.


Votes for women


Amusing animations from the BBC:

Britain 1905-1918














Topic 2: The part played by Britain on the Western Front

Webites about how the war was fought





Topic 3: The home front and social change

Websites about what happened in Britain during the war









Topic 4: Economic and social change 1918-28

Changing role of women

Women 1900-1950

Very brief article looking at how the lives of women in London changed.


How did WW1 change the role of women in Britain?

Linked to the Edexcel site - contains some good picture. Have a look also at the "Women at Work" link to see pictures of the different jobs done by women. See also the brief information sheet which accompanies these two webpages. Finally, this link takes you to a selection of resources produced by Edexcel on the changing role of women in Britain from 1903-28.


Women on the home front

Thorough BBC article which looks at how the war changed the role of women and then looks at the nature of thee changes after the war.


The General Strike

The General Strike - Bitesize

Informative page with a breakdown of the chronology of the strike.


The General Strike - Spartacus

A very thorough account of the strike from Spartacus. Well worth a look.


The General Strike - the TUC

From the TUC - organisers of the strike! Check out the links on the left for a detailed account of the strike.


The General Strike - the NUM

Brief article from the National Union of Mineworkers - another big player in the strike.


The General strike - the Cabinet Papers

Aimed more at A-level students but useful as the Edexcel depth study can be demanding! Plus this uses documents which is the focus of the Edexcel paper 3. This link examines sources step-by-step and prompts the kind of skills you will need for your resit. Just click the "Get started...." button.


BBC Scotland

Link to a video about the causes and course of the strike. Well worth a look.


Hetty Bower's interview from 2012

A 106 year old woman recollects on the events she lived through as a 20 year old women.


Exploring 20th century London

Look at the strike in London. Brief information and a few pictures but well worth a look. Also worth clicking on the "Timeline" and "Theme" tabs as this can lead to other interesting articles such as this one on the Pankhursts.


The General Strike - GCSE

This site is based around the content for Edexcel. After reading this it is worth scrolling down the menu on the left and reading the section "Key Topics 4" as these are the topics you will be examined on in January! (Although each time you click an advert appears for a few moments).


Eye witness account of the strike

Tells the story of an eyewitness in Middlesbrough.


BBC News

Looks back at the General Strike.


The Flying Scotsman derailed

Photograph of the world's most famous train which was famously derailed by strikers in 1926. See the restored train in the National Railway Museum in York. Read the information page here (nothing on General Strike!)


The Glasgow Story

Some interesting pictures with information relating to the strike.



Video on the General Strike.


Amusing aninations from the BBC

Britain 1918-1951